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Vehicle Sanitization is Essential

<H1> Importance of Vehicle Sanitization </H1>

We spend so much time in our vehicles, it is no wonder they can harbor germs and that we must be vigilant in cleaning high touch points. While vehicle sanitization has always been a good idea, it has become an essential practice due to the COVID-19 pandemic. There is a lot that vehicle repair shops and vehicle owners can do together as a community to prevent the spread of germs. Vehicles often have many different surfaces in their interior and you should consider them all when sanitizing for the safety of your family and loved ones. Going the extra mile now and in the future will ensure you have done all you can to protect from germs.


<H2>Vehicle Owner Tips for Sanitizing all Prominent Touch Points</H2>

  • Sanitize most-touched spots in the interior of the vehicle
  • Be sure to sanitize the radio, cupholders, glove box and seatbelts- all highly touched surfaces!
  • Don’t forget your dashboard, sun visors and all buttons
  • Take a close look to find what spots look the dirtiest or that have debris
  • Wring out your rag completely before sanitizing to avoid moisture buildup
  • Consider any high tough points for passengers and children
  • If you are someone who uses their trunk often to store groceries, workout clothes, recreational gear or other items, be sure and sanitize

As you make your way through the cockpit, meticulously cleaning, be sure and consider your arm rest and center console. Before moving down the rear, be sure and give the door panels a good cleaning as well. The foundation of cleaning has always been the adequate use of soap and water. This practice is good throughout the year but is imperative now that we are in a pandemic. Many of us clean the steering wheel, dirty door handle, interior carpet and windshield- but we must also consider all locations listed above and get down to the nitty gritty. This will not take much more time than you already took cleaning your vehicle before.


<H2>Choose a Vehicle Repair Shop that Takes Sanitization Seriously</H2>

Be sure when you take your vehicle in for routine maintenance or needed repair, that they are doing their part in the fight against germs. All staff and service should have procedures in place for protecting their community and their workers. Don’t be shy about calling in to ask what your local vehicle repair shop is doing to protect their community. At this point, we all know cleanliness and sanitization is key and they should not have a problem going over their methods.

Our team of mechanics and all staff members take the necessary safety sanitation steps throughout our shop seriously. Every vehicle we work on is treated with care and with your well-being in mind. Your safety matters to us! Give us a call for more information on how our vehicle repair shop is fighting germs.